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Believe it or not, we have well over 3000 products at Shakedown Express.  The vast majority of our products come from Fair Trade Vendors helping communities around the world!  We continue to add new products daily, from collaborations with Shakedown Artisan's, graphic designers, official merchandise, as well as our own line of custom sourced & signature products.  We also offer custom services, wholesale, and bulk discounts! We're always available, so please feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions!

Tiger Wireless Charging Stand

Regular price $39.00
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Upcycled Sari Macrame Plant Hanger and Medium Clay Planter - Matr Boomie (Pottery)

Regular price $29.99 Sale price $19.99
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Bob Marley Official Manchester Tour Hoodie Sweatshirt

Regular price $56.00 Sale price $44.00
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Michael Martelli Tie Dye Print Slip On Canvas Shoes

Regular price $41.00
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Mama Ren's Tie Dye Swirl Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Regular price $43.00
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72' Truckin Plate Keychain

Regular price $12.00
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Mama Ren's Tie Dye Print Circular Beach Shawl 59"x 59"

Regular price $33.00
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Bertha Tempered Glass Cutting Board

Regular price $23.00
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Garcia 65 Baseball Jersey (Black)

Regular price $40.00 Sale price $30.00
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