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Embarking on the journey to make Shakedown Express a reality, we knew that we'd be inviting artists of all types to come showcase their work on our website.  At some point we had to face the fact that contacting, and communicating with artists is sometimes not all that easy.  Artists have a reputation of functioning in more of a introspective space, where creativity and fine details take center stage, verses what must be perceived as fumbling clumsiness from us average Joe's.  It's not that I'm saying in anyway, shape, or form that trying to communicate with an artist is a nuisance or bad thing.  In fact, I think quite the opposite.  It can be a goldmine of an opportunity if you get a fine artist's undivided attention.  It can be a potential glimpse of the high amount of compassion it takes for a human being to be so creative at such a level.

After a couple months into piecing together Shakedown Express, when I was finally ready to take a look at contacting artists, I was searching for very fluid paintings. I can't remember exactly how dWo's work popped up on the screen, or which painting it was, but I do vividly remember it sending me back in my chair a little bit, followed by a few curse words.  It was like an instant sense of gratitude and delight to my eyes that maybe felt like they hadn't seen colors like that for a very long time.

I personally always wanted to be an art teacher when I was a kid in grade school.  I've always been open minded to all types of art, but modern contemporary art always seemed to be my favorite.  Not to say that Destiny's work is contemporary.  At this point I'm not educationally refined enough to do any kind of technical breakdown, all I know is, I see a world of color that deeply intrigues and draws me in.  When asked to classify her form of art, Destiny says,

"I have never really tried to classify myself as a style of art, for no other reason then I don't like limits! I have said before I don't like to stay inside the box, I like to cut it up and shape it however I see fit.   I try to let my emotions, my colorful vivid dreams and anything that has inspired me take control of the painting, with me there just to guide it, never holding it back". 


Soul Searching by dWo

Her mastery of bringing out the best that color has to offer, combined with god only knows what highly refined technique she's using, sent me reeling.  I spent the next 48 hours looking at every painting I could find, and come to find out, there's a lot of them!  Painting after painting, just when you think you've seen the coolest one, they keep coming!

My decision to contact dWo, for a guy putting together some far out new website, was kinda gutsy in a way.  I wasn't thinking about her as a decade long, highly accomplished artist, her work appearing on HGTV, who her client list was, etc..  I was just totally slap happy about what I'd been immersed in, and that inner Deadhead in me said, "Why not! Why wouldn't I want to talk to this amazing person?"  I never really thought that she'd actually answer back! 

That whole thing about it being difficult to get an artist's attention, was not the case with dWo.  Her kind, creative spirit shined though immediately.  She immediately showed interest in the website and what I had to say.  I'm sure that my initial ramblings may of had her questioning, but she showed me total respect, and was patient enough to allow me to convey my vision.  Her kindness was not too unlike the flowing, radiant colors of her paintings.  Which is no surprise.  It's easy to see the deep connection she has with her work...  

 "I believe that art in all its forms be it music, sculpting, painting etc , should not tell you what you see, rather it should tell you what you feel.   Art should be an experience, and should take you on your own journey.  When I am creating my pieces I draw on inspirations from my own life, dreams & the emotions that come with the ups & downs of everyday living. I think of each painting as a window to my own imagination. I feel a strong connection to colors, as they can evoke emotion & recall memories. I use color in my work to portray that to the viewer. My goal for every piece is to create a painting that allows the viewer to connect and become lost in their own imagination"

How fortunate we are at Shakedown Express to lively up our website with such beautiful Art!  We're extremely thrilled to talk about dWo as much as we can.  What's the craziest part about the whole thing?  Her original work is extremely affordable!  Like SUPER AFFORDABLE!  So are her prints!  So please, go ahead and fill your home, office, or favorite space with beautiful art, and don't think twice about it!  There are original dWo pieces cheaper than prints out there!  Keep that in mind if considering buying originals, don't wait too long, they sell pretty fast from what I've witnessed so far.  

We'd like to give a very special thank you to dWo for her kindness and graciousness!  Much love to all the Deadhead family out there!  Please, let's all continue to celebrate artists and art, and get the good word out about this amazing artist, mother, wife, and overall wonderful person! 

You can find dWo's work on the Artisan of the Month page that's being solely dedicated to her until the beginning of January!  (And don't forget!  If you checkout with Shakedown Express, 1% will be donated to The Rex Foundation, supporting the Arts, and all that crazy cool stuff Mr. Bob Weir and the gang have been giving to for years. 

Thank you!  We hope that everyone enjoys the website, and has a very grateful and beautiful holiday season!  ~ Kevin 

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