About us

Hi, welcome to Shakedown Express!  My name is Kevin, I'm creator and founder of Shakedown Express, and also the president of it's parent company GreenPlanet Apps, LLC. The bus came by for me around 1992 after a trip to the local Ann Arbor record shop, and an accidental purchase of Aoxomoxoa. Needless to say, that's when I got on, and later awoke to find myself snowboarding everyday in the mountains of Montana, singing Dead tunes by campfire in my mid 20's.  

Although I was living in mountain bliss, out of fear of becoming a total Wook (see urban dictionary), I began studying Eastern Medicine. Shortly after, I became a Neuromuscular Therapist for over 10 years, married, with a little one, another little one on the way, three cats, and a dog.  

Always concerned about the deteriorating health of our planet, my interest in helping other people started to shift more towards doing my part to help the environment.  After many years of trying to get companies to consider my positive ideas, I decided to start my own company, GreenPlanet Apps, LLC.  

We're getting ready to release our very first mobile app across multiple platforms called Earthie - Reusable Solutions & Greener Shopping.  If you have an interest in the environment and would like to know more about the Earthie app, please visit our social media pages below.  (We're also looking forward to connecting a lot of Shakedown Artisans & Vendors to the Earthie App as well, so please stay tuned!)

Shakedown Express, began taking root in March of 2017.  My Deadhead meter was sort of in the red around that time, following what was a great Dead & Co. Summer Tour.  It was while couch touring the last two concerts, that the idea for Shakedown Express hit me... "A Website that could highlight many of the Shakedown Artisans & Vendors, help connect the Deadhead community, help the Band, and help give to the Rex Foundation!"   

I immediately decided to go outside of my usual project management role at GreenPlanet Apps, and put this one together solo without using my graphic artist or programming friends.  My overall hopes are that it continues to grow, and becomes a fun and exciting place to find as much Deadhead gear & cool stuff as possible, and to do a whole lot of good along the way!  

I sincerely hope that you'll join me in making Shakedown Express a well known site around the world that supports art, love, peace, music, the environment, and just good old plain fun!  Thank you to all the Deadheads, Artists & Artisans, Jewelers, Vendors, Guests, Customers, and all the Family & Friends who make Shakedown Express possible!

Much Love & Gratitude!